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 *    cconf header file, all #included resources and prototypes used
 *    by pconf must be specified here.
 *    None of pconf's sources #include anything or assume anything
 *    defined that is not in here.
 *    See README and AUTHORS file for details of purpose and 
 *    maintainers.
#ifndef PCONF_H
#define PCONF_H

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

#ifndef ISCR
# define ISCR(c)  (((c) == '\n') || ((c) == '\r'))

#ifndef ISBLANK
# define ISBLANK(c)     (((c) == ' ') || ((c) == '\t'))

# define DIR_DELIMINATOR      '/'

/* pconf specific definations, adjust as needed. */

#define PROG_NAME       "Compiler Configurator"
#define PROG_VERSION          "0.0.1"

/* Configuration file comment character. */
#define PCONF_CFG_COMMENT_CHAR      '#'

/* Configuration file parameter and value deliminator character. */

/* ANSI color codes. */

/* Must exist codes. */
#define PCONF_MUST_EXIST_NO         0     /* Disable. */
#define PCONF_MUST_EXIST_PREFERRED  1     /* Enable if exists. */
#define PCONF_MUST_EXIST_YES        2     /* Must exist or fail. */

/* Dependancy structure. */
typedef struct {

      /* Dependent entity type, one of PCONF_DEP_TYPE_*.
       * This determines which search paths on the platform structure
       * to use for finding paths specified in this structure.

#define PCONF_DEP_TYPE_OS     10    /* Operating system type. */
#define PCONF_DEP_TYPE_MACHINE      11    /* Machine type. */

      int type;

        /* Name of this dependent entity (can be arbitary). */
        char *name;

      /* Verbose description of this dependent entity. */
      char *description;

        /* This dependent entity must exist, one of PCONF_MUST_EXIST_*
       * (but not PCONF_MUST_EXIST_PREFERRED).
        int must_exist;

        /* Entity file names to search for (the same file name may
       * need to be specified multiple times, see func_name member).
        char **path;
        int total_paths;

        /* Strings to search for corresponding index of files. Each
       * (non-empty) string is searched for in the specified paths
       * in the path member (if it is not a directory).
        char **grep_string;
        int total_grep_strings;

      /* Operating system name, used only if type is
       * PCONF_DEP_TYPE_OS (preferably value fetched from uname).
      char *os_name;

      /* Machine name, used only if type is
       * PCONF_DEP_TYPE_MACHINE (preferably value fetched from uname).
      char *machine_name;

} depend_struct;

/* Feature structure, optional requirements for any given platform. */
typedef struct {

        /* Name of this feature (can be arbitary). */
        char *name;

        /* Verbose description of this feature. */
        char *description;

      /* URL of home page. */
      char *url_homepage;
      /* URL of download location. */
      char *url_download;

        /* This feature must exist, one of PCONF_MUST_EXIST_*. */
        int must_exist;

        /* List of dependant entities. */
        depend_struct **depend;
        int total_depends;

        /* Extra info to append. */
        char *cflags;
      char *inc_dirs;
        char *libs;
        char *lib_dirs;

} feature_struct;

/* Platform structure. */
typedef struct {

        /* Name of this platform, this value is used to match value
         * of platform from command line.
        char *name;

      /* Verbose description of this platform. */
      char *description;

        /* List of features. */
        feature_struct **feature;
        int total_features;

      /* Search paths for header files. */
      char **path_header;
      int total_path_headers;

      /* Search paths for library files. */
      char **path_library;
      int total_path_libraries;

        /* Search paths for configuration files. */
        char **path_config;
        int total_path_configs;

        /* Search paths for program files. */
        char **path_program;
        int total_path_programs;

        /* Search paths for data and other files, these paths
       * are used when a search path needs to be specified for
       * an object that dosen't really fall into the above
       * categories.
        char **path_data;
        int total_path_datas;

      /* Global options for this platform. */
      char *prefix;
      char *cflags;
      char *inc_dirs;
      char *libs;
      char *lib_dirs;
        char *cc;               /* C compiler. */
        char *cpp;              /* C++ compiler. */

} platform_struct;

/* PConf core structure. */
typedef struct {

      int verbose;      /* Print extra verbose messages. */
      int warnings;     /* Print warnings (if any). */
      int colors; /* Enable ansi colors. */
      int interactive;
      int force;  /* Keep going even if errors encountered. */
      int ignore_environments;      /* Ignore environment variables. */

      int screen_width; /* 0 for undefined. */

      /* Loaded list of supported platforms. */
      platform_struct **platform;
      int total_platforms;

      /* Pointer to selected platform. */
      platform_struct *selected_platform;

      /* Output Makefile path. */
      char *makefile_output;

      /* Input Makefile paths. */
      char *makefile_input_prepend;
      char *makefile_input_append;

      /* Messages. */
      char *message_configure_startup;
      char *message_platform_unsupported;
      char *message_depend_failed;
      char *message_success;

      /* Values fetched from the thisplatform.ini. */
      char *os_name;
      char *machine_name;

} pconf_core_struct;

/* In fio.c */
extern void PConfFreePlatform(platform_struct *platform_ptr);
extern void PConfFreePlatforms( 
        platform_struct ***list, int *total
extern int PConfLoadPlatformsFromFile(
        pconf_core_struct *core_ptr, const char *filename
extern int PConfLoadThisPlatformFromFile(
        pconf_core_struct *core_ptr, const char *filename
extern void PConfGenerateOutputMakefile(
        pconf_core_struct *core_ptr, platform_struct *platform_ptr

/* In main.c */
extern void PConfSetColor(
      pconf_core_struct *core_ptr, FILE *stream, int color_code
extern void PConfPrintHR(pconf_core_struct *core_ptr);
extern feature_struct *PConfMatchFeatureByName(
      platform_struct *platform_ptr,
      const char *name, int *n

/* In proc.c */
extern void PConfApplyArgsToPlatform(
        pconf_core_struct *core_ptr, platform_struct *platform_ptr,
        int argc, char *argv[]
extern int PConfCheckDepends(
        pconf_core_struct *core_ptr, platform_struct *platform_ptr

/* In utils.c */
extern void FREE(void *p);
extern int STRLEN(const char *s);
extern int STRISYES(const char *s);
extern char *STRDUP(const char *s);
extern const char *STRCHR(const char *s, int c);
extern void STRSTRIP(char *s);
extern int STRCASECMP(const char *s1, const char *s2);
extern int STRPFX(const char *str, const char *pfx);
extern int STRCASEPFX(const char *str, const char *pfx);
extern char *STRLISTAPPEND(char ***list, int *total, const char *s);
extern void STRFREEARRAY(char **list, int total);

extern char *GETENV(const char *parameter);

extern FILE *FOPEN(const char *path, const char *mode);
extern void FCLOSE(FILE *fp);
extern int FGETC(FILE *fp);
extern int FPUTC(int c, FILE *fp);
extern void FSEEKNEXTLINE(FILE *fp);
extern void FSEEKPASTSPACES(FILE *fp);
extern char *FGETLINE(FILE *fp);
      FILE *fp, char *buf, char comment, char delim

#endif      /* PCONF_H */

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