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                              Editor Structure

#ifndef EDITOR_H
#define EDITOR_H

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include "v3dtex.h"
#include "v3dmodel.h"
#include "primpalette.h"
#include "view.h"
#include "texbrowser.h"
#include "clrsel.h"
#include "vmaundo.h"
#include "vmastatusbar.h"
#include "vpiinternal.h"
#include "config.h"

#ifndef gbool
# define gbool    gboolean

 *    Editor render menu item reference to plug-in structure,
 *    references a plug-in with a menu item. This is updated in
 *    EditorRenderMenuRegenerate().
typedef struct {

      GtkWidget *w, *fw;
      vma_plugin_struct *plugin_ptr;

} vma_editor_render_mi_struct;

 *      Input dialog for editor, various types of input will modify
 *      the widgets in the values_vbox, the values_vbox can be
 *      destroyed and set NULL to easilly destroy child widgets.
typedef struct {

        gbool initialized;
        gbool map_state;
      gpointer editor_ptr;

      GtkAccelGroup *accelgrp;

        GtkWidget       *toplevel,
                        *values_vbox_parent,    /* Parent for values_vbox. */
                        *values_vbox,   /* Container widget holding client
                               * created widgets, can be NULL.

        GtkWidget *ok_btn, *ok_btn_label;
        GtkWidget *apply_btn, *apply_btn_label;
        GtkWidget *cancel_btn, *cancel_btn_label;
        GtkWidget *help_btn, *help_btn_label;

      /* List of client created widgets. */
      GtkWidget **client_widget;
      gint total_client_widgets;

      gpointer client_data;
      /* OK and cancel function callbacks, inputs;
       * editor_input_dialog, client_data.
      void (*func_ok_cb)(void *, void *);
        void (*func_apply_cb)(void *, void *);
      void (*func_cancel_cb)(void *, void *);

} ma_editor_idialog_struct;

 *    Text dialog (for editing model primitives that contain text
 *    like comment primitives):
typedef struct {

      gbool text_operating;   /* Applying or fetching text. */
      gbool pulled_out; /* TRUE if `pulled out'. */
      gbool has_changes;
      gpointer editor_ptr;    /* Pointer back to editor structure. */
      GtkWidget *toplevel;    /* Pull out's parenting hbox. */

      /* Widgets on tool bar. */
      GtkWidget   *find_combo,


      /* Text widget. */
      GtkWidget   *text;

      /* Last `pushed in' size of editor's text_dialog_toplevel.
       * Used in editortdialogcb.c
      gint last_width, last_height;

        /* Cursors. */
        GdkCursor       *text_cur;

      gint model_num;         /* Can be -1. */
      gint primitive_num;     /* Can be -1 if model is type
                         * V3D_MODEL_TYPE_OTHER_DATA.

} ma_editor_tdialog_struct;

 *    VMA Editor structure:
typedef struct {

      gbool initialized;      /* TRUE if intiallied. */
      gbool map_state;  /* TRUE if shown (mapped). */
      gbool processing;
      gbool has_changes;      /* TRUE if has changes. */
      gbool write_protect;    /* TRUE if write protect is on. */

      GtkWidget   *toplevel,

      /* Docking ports for menu_bar, general_tool_ribbon,
       * primitives_tool_ribbon, and search_tool_ribbon.
      GtkWidget   *menu_bar_dock,

      /* General tool ribbon buttons. */
      GtkWidget   *new_btn, *open_btn, *save_btn, *save_as_btn,
                  *export_btn, *import_btn, *print_btn, *undo_btn, *redo_btn,
                  *color_btn, *lighting_btn, *textures_btn;

      /* Primitive tool ribbon buttons. */
      GtkWidget   *model_header_btn,
                  *model_create_btn, *model_delete_btn,
      /* Menu mapped by primitive_light_btn. */
      GtkWidget   *primitive_light_btn_menu,
        /* Menu mapped by primitive_scratchpad_btn. */
        GtkWidget       *primitive_scratchpad_btn_menu,

      /* Primitives palette on primitives tool ribbon. */
      vma_primitives_palette_struct *prim_palette;

      /* Parent vbox for models list, values list, and views. */
      GtkWidget   *lists_and_views_toplevel;

      /* Parent vbox for the text dialog's pull out. */
      GtkWidget   *text_dialog_toplevel;

      /* Parenting panels for models list, values list, and views.
       * Each panel is really a vbox.
      GtkWidget   *panel[3];

      GtkWidget   *models_toplevel, /* And primitives toplevel. */

      GtkWidget   *values_toplevel,

      /* Main vbox parent for a view widget in its maximized state. */
      GtkWidget   *view_maximized_toplevel;

      /* Holds each view_restored_toplevel vbox, this widget needs
       * to be unmapped when a widget is maximized.
      GtkWidget       *view_restored_panel;

      /* Vbox parents for view widgets in their restored state. */
      GtkWidget   *view_restored_toplevel[

      vma_view2d_struct *view2d[VMA_MAX_2D_VIEWS_PER_EDITOR];
      vma_view3d_struct *view3d[VMA_MAX_3D_VIEWS_PER_EDITOR];

      /* View cursor position in view coordinates. */
      gdouble vcursor_x, vcursor_y, vcursor_z;

      /* Important menu items and headings. */
      GtkWidget   *new_mi, *open_mi, *save_mi, *save_as_mi,
                  *backup_mi, *backup_settings_mi, *revert_mi,
                  *export_mi, *import_mi, *print_mi, *close_mi, *exit_mi,

                  *undo_mi, *undo_milabel,
                  *redo_mi, *redo_milabel,
                  *cut_mi, *copy_mi, *paste_mi,
                  *model_header_mi, /* Edit model header. */

                  *model_create_mi, *model_delete_mi,
                  *model_show_micheck, *model_properties_mi,

                  *primitive_mh,          /* Primitives menu heading. */
                  *primitive_create_submenu,    /* Submenu. */




                        *help_contents_mi, *help_tutorial_mi, *help_viewing_mi,
                  *help_keyboard_mi, *help_v3d_format_mi, *help_plugins_mi,

      /* Render menu menu items. */
      vma_editor_render_mi_struct **render_mi;
      gint total_render_mis;

      /* List pop up menus. */
      GtkWidget   *models_list_menu,


      /* Cursors. */
      GdkCursor   *busy_cur;

      /* Vertex decimals (number of decimals representing a vertex value). */
      guint vertex_decimals, vertex_angle_decimals;

      /* Selected model. */
      gint selected_model_item;
      /* Selected primitive(s). */
      gint  *selected_primitive,
      /* Selected values, each value index corresponds to a selected
       * primitive. There cannot be multiple selected values on one
       * primitive.
      gint  *selected_value,

      /* Current loaded filename (can be NULL). */
      gchar *loaded_filename;

      /* Lights. */
      vma_light_struct light[VMA_LIGHTS_MAX];

      /* Textures. */
      v3d_texture_ref_struct **texture;
      gint total_textures;

      /* Input dialog for editor. */
      ma_editor_idialog_struct idialog;

      /* The structure that holds the text widget and its related
       * widgets for comment text editing.
      ma_editor_tdialog_struct tdialog;

      /* Status bar. */
      vma_status_bar_struct *sb;

      /* Color selection dialog. */
      vma_clrsel_struct clrsel;

      /* Texture browser. */
      ma_texture_browser_struct texture_browser;

      /* Model header items. */
      void **mh_item;
      gint total_mh_items;

      /* Models. */
      v3d_model_struct **model;
      gint total_models;

      /* Pointer back to core structure. */
      gpointer core_ptr;

      /* Undo list. */
      void **undo;
      gint total_undos, max_undos;

      void **redo;
      gint total_redos, max_redos;

} ma_editor_struct;

extern guint EditorVertexPositionDecimals(void);
extern guint EditorVertexAngleDecimals(void);
extern gint EditorSelectedLightNumber(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern gint EditorSelectedModelIndex(ma_editor_struct *editor);

extern void EditorSetBusy(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern void EditorSetReady(ma_editor_struct *editor);

extern ma_editor_struct *EditorCreate(gpointer core_ptr);
extern void EditorUpdateAppearance(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern void EditorUpdateMenus(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern void EditorRenderMenuRegenerate(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern void EditorSyncData(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern void EditorReset(ma_editor_struct *editor, gbool unmap);
extern void EditorDelete(ma_editor_struct *editor);

extern void EditorMap(ma_editor_struct *editor);
extern void EditorUnmap(ma_editor_struct *editor);

#endif      /* EDITOR_H */

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